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Quinn was born in Portland,Oregon at the turn of the century.  His early love of color,action,and outdoor urban culture lured him into the techno-colored world of possibilities offered by the paint that sprays........


Although Quinn considers art-infused graffiti an artist's gift to the world, he turned his heart and soul into his studio work.  He covers skateboards, sneakers, canvas, glass, and more with his unique, iconic imagery.  Just about any momentarily still surface presents an irresistible opportunity to express his colorful artistry.


Quinn is as comfortable wrapped up in his hammock, deep in a coastal old growth forest, as he is rapt in conversation with other art-lovers at one of his gallery shows in the Pearl District. You can find Quinn on his bike, snowboard, skis, skateboard, or immersed in nature; camping out and visualizing his next creation. He is especially excited about his new, organic board designs. Quinn's Skateboards are suitable for display, cruising open roads, or..... both


You can always catch his colorful vibe on Instagram.


Quinn will personalize a painting or skateboard just for you--- with customized colors and themes.


He is happy to collaborate and discuss your ideas in fluent Spanish or English!



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